We about us

The team

Thilo Schlemvogt

Overall interrelationships and their interaction

Many years of consulting background in medium-sized businesses, focus on business development, in the sense of business model development (from the idea to making money).

In the process, a longer excursion into the topic of unique selling propositions (optimizing innovation returns through targeted prevention of imitation). The associated experience in the specialist areas of corporate strategy, project management, innovation management, product development, marketing, sales, technology and intellectual property rights led to a sharpening of the view of the overall context and a time out to find a solution to the problem:

When constantly new is the new normal – How do you get a handle on that?

Jörg Schäfer

Implemention of the software, mapping in the company organization

Many years of consulting background in the area of PPM (Project and Product Portfolio Management), as well as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management).

Extensive experience from the company-specific requirements analysis (culture, processes, methods, communication) to the selection of suitable software to its implementation and optimization.

Realization: Software must support the company organization and not vice versa!

Rick Munzert

Usability of the software, visual communication

Several years of activity in the field of functional UI/UX design of digital applications.

Extensive experience in the areas of presentation and design of consistent communication styles, intuitive usability and effective interaction as well as reduction and visualization of complex issues.

Guiding principle: “When things get complex, reduction to the essentials helps.”

Our why

We are convinced that the transformation associated with the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) phenomenon in the corporate world will stay with us in the long term.

A sustainable way out of the associated “constant alarm mode” is needed to make continuous change the new normal that everyone can handle.

The mission

To provide German manufacturing SMEs with a tool that enables them to emerge from the transformation as winners and to remain so.

The how

mind_IP is the expert for a modern and up-to-date product development process (PEP) in medium-sized companies. Whether through concrete innovation projects or the cross-site reorganization of your development process – we support you in releasing your potential in a targeted manner.