Key features of the software

mind_IP consists of the elements: Method (new, holistic-agile approach), target system, evaluation system, workflow process and key figure system.

The software connects these elements, serves as an input/output platform and ensures communication between all participants.

All influences in the corporate environment in view and complexity under control

Continuously capture all relevant impulses for your product portfolio, whether from inside or outside – nothing gets lost anymore – you are sitting in the Driver Seat!

Whether in the office, in the home office or on the road, any group of people you specify can quickly and easily give their impulses, see what already exists and get new ideas.

Systematically developing tomorrow’s solutions today

Develop product and solution approaches in a holistic view of market, customer and technology aspects and build up a product memory.

mind_IP provides you with a clear workflow that can be tracked at any time and additionally simplifies collaboration through individual to-do assignment.

Bring together the creativity and experience of your team to produce objective assessment results

mind_IP enables you to make quick assessments at the subject matter expert level based on a few clearly defined parameters that are always correct.

Make accurate decisions and keep the overview 

mind_IP enables you to make decisions based on the overall context of the market/customer and technology view.

Drill-down functions provide you with all detailed information and backgrounds at the push of a button.

With mind_IP’s systematic selection process, you concentrate your resources on the rightproducts and recognize changes early on throughout the entire lifecycle of your new products – from the initial idea, through the product development process, to market launch.

Have a handle on complexity by knowing early on when to replace which products and technologies…

…from market launch to phaseout.

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