Prioritizing Invention Disclosures

The right invention disclosures create market exclusivity. The challenge is
to do this so efficiently that you have freedom for your development work.
In implementation this means:

Consideration of Protection Already in the Product Idea

The development cycles shorten. Securing at the end of developments costs valuable time and may lead to competition having already placed property rights. The solution can only consist of securing in a targeted manner already in the idea phase and adapting the scope of protection agile in the further course. mind_IP provides the methodology and the software-supported possibility of designing different scenarios with the idea in order to identify the best protection early on and to develop it dynamically.

Transparency About the Interaction Between Product - Technology - Protection

Purchase-deciding solutions are becoming increasingly complex and integrate more and more non-technical aspects. Maintaining an overview, recognizing synergy effects and consistently securing them is a challenge. mind_IP provides clear decision-making aids for prioritizing developments with regard to their security, as well as an early warning system to remedy deficits in time.

Expanding Focus on Circumventions and Alternatives

Too quickly the own solutions are levered out by circumventions or alternatives of the competition. The former approach via subsequent work-around workshops is complex and not feasible for all projects. The mind_IP methodology enables you to automatically record and take these aspects into account early in your initial hedging considerations.

But this also requires:


Comprehensible Objectifying Methodology

Time is a scarce commodity and the topic of hedging is only one task for the development department. Therefore, an IP assessment methodology must be comprehensible and enable the right invention disclosures to be generated quickly and easily. mind_IP limits the evaluation effort to exactly 2 questions from each specialist area and provides a common decision basis that takes into account the input from product management, R&D and the IP experts and brings them together transparently.

Standardization of Information Exchange

Comprehensible measurement criteria, clearly defined interfaces and automatically generated suggested measures are conditions for an effort-minimized exchange of information between the afflicted departments. With mind_IP you reduce the communication effort for the optimal protection to a minimum, and thereby gain more time for your actual development work.

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