Lecture at the DTIM 2020 in Berlin

by mind_IP

Your Innovation. Your Profit?

The need to strategically safeguard intellectual property and innovations is becoming increasingly pressing for manufacturing companies, particularly in the wake of digitalization.

How can you make your products unique on the market?
What needs to be done to maximize the life cycles of your own products?
How can your own business model be protected as proactively as possible?

Thilo Schlemvogt, co-founder of mind_IP, presented our solution for exactly these questions at the DTIM conference (disruptive technologies & innovation foresight minds conference) on February 17th in Berlin.

Lecture "Your Innovation. Your Profit?" by Thilo Schlemvogt, Co-Founder mind_IP

Your Innovation. Your Profit. mind_IP DTIM 2020.pdf (724.3 KiB)

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