Creating Market Exclusivity

The right property rights enable the ideal condition of every innovative company
- the unique position of its own products on the market.
In implementation this means:


Early Protection of Market Niches

Technology leaders are increasingly confronted with the situation that third party property rights make it difficult for them to access the market or delay their own development projects and make them more expensive. The fact of being "one step behind" in IP competition is not only annoying, it also has a negative impact on profitability. mind_IP is the solution to proactively design product safeguards and to fill market niches for your company early, pointedly.

Skimming Off The Return on Innovation

The product life cycles shorten. Similarly, the time period to amortize innovation costs is reduced. By creating market exclusivity this can be counteracted. Given that the right property rights are also created against circumvention and alternative solutions. Only with this holistic approach can the desired price and quantity premium be realized and the return on innovation fully be skimmed off. So far, however, a methodology has been lacking to enable companies to do this in a targeted and resource-efficient manner. With mind_IP, it will be possible for the first time to provide comprehensive coverage in the early phase of development projects and to bring about the unique position of your own products.

Defense of Market Exclusivity

The higher the degree of market exclusivity achieved, the more pronounced is the interest of the competition. Decisions regarding enforcement, defense, licensing and in the end, the abandonment of your property rights are necessary. mind_IP provides you with all business-relevant information for well-founded decisions over the entire life cycle of your property rights, business case-related, at the push of a button.


But this also requires:

Cost Control

So far, IP has eluded a control option that is otherwise not unusual for investments. Although the costs for IP can be clearly determined, their added value remains nebulous. Using a sales-related KPI system, mind_IP provides you full transparency about the added value of your property rights. Since the main premise of our methodology is to identify “the right thing”, this additionally leads to effective action planning and enables the precise use of resources.

Early Detection of Bad Investments

It is well known that duplicate developments can arise from late recognition of third-party rights. mind_IP goes one step further here and additionally identifies risks that exist due to a lack of scope for achieving market exclusivity. This means that measures can be initiated in good time or projects can be stopped early if the return on innovation is questionable.

Overcoming Silo Thinking

Successful products are becoming more and more complex. They are increasingly integrating digital elements and services. In order to create valuable IP, the cooperation between product management, technology and patent departments is essential. mind_IP enables the establishment of a uniform view on IP and provides the method to introduce suitable processes and communication structures in the company.  

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