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No, because mind_IP extracts the needed data from your existing software solutions via export functions included in the tool. This can be done automatically or by data injections operated by our support team.

The data, mind_IP is processing, as well as the information it is delivering is highly sensitive. Therefore, mind_IP is operated only behind your firewall. mind_IP tools are integrated as a virtual/actual server into your IT environment/your premises and are subject to the security rules of your company. Data import is in the same way only being realized behind your firewall.

The concept of mind_IP is to integrate value/revenue based IP control into your daily business. Therefore, mind_IP is easily adapting your precise wording, your familiar structure as well as your corporate identity.

For competitor property rights a separate module is currently in the planning phase. This module will be designed to interact with your existing retrieval solutions and will deliver the world’s first possibility to compare competitor rights and yours with the same set of assessment criteria. Planed realization: End of 2019.
If you are interested in being part of the design process – contact us!

The overall concept and method of mind_IP equally includes trademarks and design patents. Additional modules are currently being drafted. 

Our tool gathers information about products and features, property rights, technologies and turnovers. In preparation of the implementation our specialists will analyze the available data organize import paths. We use as little data as possible and connect to already existing data sources. Usually, this can be achieved within 3 weeks.

Apart from the accounting, all future beneficiaries are involved. They include the IP Management Department, the R&D Department as well as Product Management.
The particular personal needed will be determined in the preparation phase with a focus on the least possible effort. Usually, requirements and adjustments within the business units are discussed within no more than 1 to 2 hours with the staff involved.  

mind_IP limits the effort to a minimum. For the necessary evaluations, specialists in the departments of IP / R&D / Product Management only have to answer two questions, which are limited to their respective field of expertise. Evaluations during the implementation process are usually done within one day followed by a single annual control check while in operation.
Patscore ensures that it is up-to-date on its own by automatically providing to-do lists to the reviewers. 

First level support is one of our priorities. Experienced IP managers will assist you in all questions of usage whenever you need it.

The tool aims at optimizing the protection of the product portfolio and its inventions and it is thinking in the same time horizons as the corporate controlling system. Therefore, the data basis will not entirely meet the requirements for development projects that reach far into the future. Experience shows, however, that by applying the value oriented approach across several business units of a company, a fundamental change of thinking takes place and is transferred into innovation projects.

We offer software as a service (SaaS). Thus, a monthly subscription fee is being raised that already includes the software itself and upgrades, data maintenance and general support. The fee is determined by the number of implemented business units and the number of users. One-time costs arise from the individual implementation.

We secure effectiveness and efficiency in product protection and the corresponding inter-departmental collaboration processes.
• We identify property rights with low impact for product protection (e.g. little effect against competitors, phased out products, decreasing turnovers, low enforceability, etc.)
• We prevent insufficient or “wrong” patent filings (e.g. little to no impact on company turnover, property rights irrelevant to competitors and for circumvention, rights with impossible infringement detection, etc.).
Given, that the suggestions of the mind_IP are being followed, we guarantee a 30% cut of IP-costs while increasing process efficiency by 30%. 

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